Bungy the Hesitater

Tenuous title there, hope you’re getting it and inevitably “lolling” your sides off.  It refers of course, to my first and possibly last bungy jump, which took place on a rickety bride 160 metres above a river in a Nepalese gorge.  To say I needed encouragement to get to the edge of the platform is an understatement.  My ankles bound, I shuffled by such tiny margins towards the abyss the bloke in charge pretty much had to push me off.  However, just before the push I managed to bend my knees and force the semblance of a swan-dive out of my petrified frame.  People cheered, I tried to scream but my voice was left behind on the bridge.  Meanwhile Spinks and Stin were busy performing fearless backward dives.  Show-offs.

Later we went canyoning, which consisted largely of abseiling down waterfalls.  Stin and Marcus provided the comedy of the day, both resembling roller-skating deer as they splayed their legs on the cliff faces and bounced their helpless bodies off sodden rocks and crevices.  At one point, I fell over laughing at them, not to say I was much better.

Nepal is beautiful by the way, but you probably already knew that.  The other day, we experienced a little earthquake.  Well I say little, but far away in Sikkim, where the epicenter was, it was a lot more than little.  Back in Kathmandu, we were watching football on a hotel bed.  The bed began to rock back and forth, and the light was swinging like a pendulum.  Initially I thought the next door couple were going for it in a big way until it finally clicked.  “It’s a bloody earthquake!” I insightfully remarked, upon which we ran around like headless chickens and made for the lobby.  Sadly just round the corner a wall had collapsed and killed three people, one of whom was in their car and the other two, tragically were a father and his daughter.

So that’s the last bungy I want to do and most definitely the last earthquake.  Next stop – The Annapurna trek.