So a rather momentous week ahead.  Scotland can’t agree on it’s future and seems to be increasingly like a rat on one of those awful sticky traps.  Some would have us tear free, splaying our flesh and vital organs everywhere, while others reckon we should literally stick, whereupon our bits will all stay where they’re meant to but we won’t be going anywhere fast.  Great choice that.  I’m voting no simply because the arguments for independence stand up to scrutiny like a sandcastle in the tide.  The sandcastle looking lovely while the tide being EVERY ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL FACTOR IN THE WORLD. I digress.  My main bone of contention is that in amongst all this exciting uncertainty the pound is beginning to tumble in value.  This means my savings for the trip (which starts in a week) are dwindling and I haven’t even left yet!  Pretty sure a Yes vote will at best, devalue my travel-fund further and at worst, make it totally redundant as the new Scottish currency “The Pebble” comes into play.  So from a totally unselfish, nationalist point of view, I urge you all to vote ‘No’ so I can afford to make this trip and come home again…whatever home that will be.  Thanks.


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