Roving Reporter

So I’ve been playing rugby for a few months now and the match reports are appearing in the local paper. They’re accredited to an anymonous source. Judging by the great review young winger Alex Thurlow gets in the reprt below there may be a subtle clue…


With the league expended, the Mighty 2’s marauded north for their first cup game of the season against Dyce. Earlier last year, Dyce had dished out a narrow defeat for the men in red so revenge was an extra incentive. However, Dyce have been a fast improving side and with their fairly lopsided pitch, the game was to prove quite literally an uphill struggle.
Mackie captain Ali “Ched” Pittendriech opted to play the first half down the slope yet sturdy Dyce defending meant the 2’s had to settle for a penalty kick after some early pressure. Callum Reddish split the posts accordingly, his metronome of a boot as divisive as his facial hair. Ten minutes later it was to be the same again, with good rucking from man of the match Mikey Kelly forcing another infringement and another laser-guided three pointer from Reddish. So far, so good.
Yet Mackie weren’t capitalising on the downhill advantage and Dyce picked up the tempo from the restart. Their backrow looked straight off the set of 300 with forearms bigger than some of the Mackie backs, and they started pummelling through some wilting tackles. One Spartan charge split the line and with the Dyce No.8 thundering to the line, Alex Thurlow stepped up from the wing and made a hit with such ferocity it could be heard back in distant Redcloak. With the attack snuffed, Mackie grabbed the advantage and started using the hands, with Michael Levack slicing the line for a fine try late in the first half.
Swapping ends, the 2’s realised they were to have a tough time protecting their 13 point lead, and almost instantly Dyce roared back, finding space out wide to narrow the margin to six. From the restart, Dyce rolled on again, encamping on the Mackie 22. The pressure was mounting but just when it was needed, James Sadio ripped the ball off a Dyce centre and it was spread left. The Mighty 2’s then produced some liquid rugby as they switched, offloaded and ran the ball all the way up the field only for Reddish to finish the sweeping move with a belter of a dummy and a dive over the line. Majestic stuff. More was to follow with a move straight off the training ground that sent side-stepping maestro David Garden over for another five pointer. By now, the 2’s were putting the ‘pain’ into champagne rugby. A fourth try by former captain Andrew Mitchell put the game to rest and despite a late consolation try in the corner for the opposition it was a roll of the Dyce too far. Final score – 30-12. Next up for the Mighty Mackie 2’s – Aberdeenshire 2’s at Redcloak.


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