Varkala Believe It!

The days just seemed to have evaporated.  We’ve been on the beach for a week now, along with four lads from Cambridge, two Spaniards (one of whom we refer to as King Carlos), two Swedish girls and Spinks.  Spinks went for a ride on a moped in a bikini yesterday.  Enough said.

Varkala is the epitome of an Asian beach resort.  Bars and shacks line the cliff overlooking the sea (massive waves) and the golden sand.  Well it has been golden apart from the last two days where a monsoon has decided to park up over Kerala.  We would (and probably should) have left a couple of days ago, but we’re having too much fun.

Apart from this we managed to make it to the very bottom of India, where it was discovered that there wasn’t very much to see.  We did come across a magic show however, starring the mysterious Metrix.  We made up the whole crowd for the evening’s performance along with Metrix’s son who was obviously learning the trade.  It was the worst magic show I have ever seen.  With hardcore techno as his soundtrack, Metrix leaped around the stage performing with props you would find at the Early Learning Centre.  At one point he was making balls disappear and I watched one bounce out te bottom of his trousers.

So next up, we have more moped rides in the jungle, hopefully a boat trip in the backwaters and a final surge to Mumbai.  18 days to go.  Shocking.


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