Pretty Much Tibet

Southern Gansu province, and it’s basically Tibet. And Tibetans are bad ass. The blokes wear masses of dressing gowns, maybe a couple of furs, a cowboy hat and some oversized novelty sunglasses. And they’re usually riding a motorbike. The fact that they pull this look off with deadly serious middle-distance stares makes them quite intimidating. The women on the other hand have three foot long pony-tails, multi-coloured dresses and more bangles than Prince. At the moment, we’re in Xiahe (again, a couple of accents missing there), which we reached by bus that took us through vast red mountains, vast green plains and a smattering of villages that time apparently, forgot. On the way the bus stopped so we could all get off and buy some yak yoghurt with sugar. Delicious.

Xiahe is famous for it’s monastery, which we’re about to go and visit, so the town is a crazy mix of red-gowned monks, dressing-gowned Tibetans, hat wearing muslims and us. Spinks has come up with some good nicknames for us that seem to be sticking unfortunately. Stin for G. And Chobbit for me – as in Chubby Hobbit. Excellent. Stin has also bought a new day bag in the shape of a child’s Mickey Mouse backpack. We have also acquired a new horn of plenty – huzzah!

Ten days until Marcus arrives in Chengdu – we better get our skates on.


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