Woop! Woop! It’s The Sound Of The Police.

We’re stuck in Langzhou for the afternoon, readying ourselves for the sleeper this evening. Langzhou holds the proud honour of being the most air polluted city in the world. Well done Langzhou! It also boasts an impressively angry police force. Elsewhere in China I’ve become used to people flouting police authourity. It’s different here. People were skipping in the queue at the train station. A pet peeve of mine but an accepted reality in No Line China. Not so in Langzhou. A cop with a microphone literally started beating people up until they removed themselves from the line, yelling obscenties in his mic so all could hear of his mighty wrath. It was awesome. Even women weren’t safe. At one point The Hulk screamed and pointed directly at me. Quivering I turned round to see that he was referring to a line-skipper behind me. In an instant the offender was ousted on the street by the scruff of his cheating little neck. As I said. It was awesome.

I think as you head west in China, people get angrier. We watched a traffic warden fight a bloke and steal his moped key because he’d stopped at a junction with his front wheel over the line. Bloody hell! Well, we’re off the desert now, where things should be a little more relaxed. Wish us luck.


2 thoughts on “Woop! Woop! It’s The Sound Of The Police.

  1. Good luck Alex for the forthcoming trip across the desert. Don’t forget you hat and a bottle of water. Did you ever see the film Beau Jeste??

  2. It’s a pity that neither Thurlers nor his dad can spell correctly; but all the best for his trip into the desert. Perhaps on return, with experience of teching English and desert conditions Thurlers might be suitable for a job in Libya?


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