The Man in Xi’an (and lymph-boy and the lizard).

So, Xi’an was nice to us.  The Seven Sages hostel, apparently in the top ten in the world, is unbeleivable.  If you ever end up here, head there.  We didn’t do a particularly large amount of things.  Spinks decided he didn’t want to see the Terracotta Army, dubbed the eighth wonder of the world and probably the most important archaelogical find of the last 60 years, because it was probably a big tourist trap.  I’m still dumbfounded.  But seeing as G and I had already been we didn’t mind too much and alternatively cycled to the muslim quarter and haggled relentlessly for novelty items.  A Mona Lisa silk moo-moo?  Check.  An embroidered pink purse for Spinks?  Yes. 

Xi’an food wasn’t good to me however.  I’m pretty ill, but I’ve been here before (and I think I’ll be here a few more times on this trip) and pretty confident things in the bowel region will impreove soon.  They better.  We’re about to catch a night bus to Langzhou and then another one to Dun Huang (the trains were all booked up).  Pretty sure toilets won’t be readily accessible.  Yay.

Oh and we went clubbing last night.  Spinks danced in a cage and everyone loved it.  I went up (with the additional prob of a luminous light-sabre) and everyone ignored me.  Pretty depressing really.  A bloke in a miltary outfit and a hard-hat told us to stop being silly. 


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