Dates, Tips and Sunburn.

It’s been a hectic week or so, not that I’ve had a hectic work schedule (as if) but I’ve had to fit in a final day’s sightseeing with my parents (we went to some old villages outside Shanghai, enjoyed some drinks in the highest bar in the world and then finished off with a gourmet burger in the French Concession), a date with a Chinese girl (weird) and a weekend on some islands and beaches.

Firstly, it was with a heavy heart I bid farewell to my folks. They managed to squeeze in an inordinate amount of activities into their slender week-wide stopover. I must mention that on the last day when we visited the outlying villages, my banker student had organized and paid for (what a ledge) a driver to scoot us around. Dropping us off back at the hotel my dad reckoned he should tip the guy (despite him taking us to the wrong village at one point). I wasn’t so sure that this was a good idea as tipping can actually be seen as quite offensive here. Many of the locals believe that their jobs shouldn’t require a patronizing extra fee to vindicate their efforts, which is fair enough. Anyway, dad attempted the sly hand-shake with the money in the palm trick. It was just like GoodFellas. Except the taxi driver leapt back like dad had just electrocuted him and waved his hands in the air in horror. Slightly embarrassed, we slunk inside and spent the extra cash on beers.

The date with the Chinese girl was a weird one. It turns out she’s quite smitten with me (not sure why) and revealed to me that the night before we met she had spent hours researching scotland on the internet. Alarm bells were ringing. Then she asked me to rate my feelings for her on a scale of one to ten. Alarm bells were deafening. I diplomatically dodged that bullet and suggested we go for a drink. Chinese girls don’t usually drink but she insisted that back in her uni days she was a bit of a party girl. One rum and coke down she fell asleep on the table. Oh no. I had to rouse her (no ‘a’ in rouse unfortunately) and take her for a reviving walk in the fresh air before bundling her into a taxi. We’re meeting again tonight. Wish me luck.

The trip to the islands was pretty special. Unofficially it was a kind of farewell trip for me and my flat-mate who I’m leaving behind here. He brought his Chinese girlfriend along, which was a lifesaver as she organized everything, from the buses, to the hotel pick-up to even breakfast in the morning. I was very impressed. She even held her drink in the evenings. On the monday we caught the ferry to Putuoshan island, which is a deeply Buddhist influenced little gem in the Pacific. The ferry was crammed with Chinese tourists fighting over seats. When we arrived the dock was crammed with Chinese tourists fighting over tickets. I had some trouble locating my inner peace. Quite removed from being enlightened we marched away from the bus depot and headed for One Thousand Steps Beach. It was completely deserted. The buses didn’t stop there and we had the whole place to ourselves. For the first time in China I had found an untouched beach, totally wild and windswept , the only sign of humanity being a tiny temple perched on the cliffs overhead. It was pretty close to paradise. We spent the rest of our time lounging on beaches and trying not to drown in the sea. I got horribly sunburnt despite the repeated application of lotion. Thanks genetics. So now I’m home, well at least my home for the next few days before Spinks and G arrive, rubbing aloe vera on to my shoulders and plotting more adventures in western China. It’s going to be a good few months!


One thought on “Dates, Tips and Sunburn.

  1. As usual, a quality blog – will you be carrying on? or will your exploits with the boys be too x-rated – though come to think of it that hasn’t stopped you so far…

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