The Trip

I’ve now been out of uni for as long as I was in.


Anyway,to bookend my foreign sojourn (that’s not to say I’ll start another shelf) I’ve organized (or at least talked about) a trip homewards with Spinks and G, who are flying out to Shanghai on the 4th August. From here I plan for us to move north to Qingdao for some beer, then on to a ferry to Dalian for some beaches before scooting further north to Changbai Shan to scale a volcano and peak into North Korea. It’s all west after this, taking in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia and the Baidan Jaran desert (highest sand dunes in the world apparently) before jutting south through rural Qinghai and western Sichuan in order to reach Chengdu. That last stretch should be very rural indeed actually. Like hitching lifts between monasteries rural. Excellent.

Now in Chengdu, we’re scheduled to meet a fourth intrepid explorer by the name of Marcus Barrows. G and I drove mopeds with him in Vietnam and he’s very, very funny. The four of us are penciled in for the train to Tibet on the 3rd of September and a one week tour through China’s naughty-corner, taking in temples, lakes and Everest. At this point we’ll probably lose Spinks as he has A) joined an expedition to climb Everest or B) made fun of the Chinese military.

Anyway, all hitches considered we should be dipping into Nepal for around mid-September where the plans are still fairly loose. Considering the Annapurna Track is on the way out due to over development and the opening of a new road I think it might be a good idea to take it in before it’s gone forever. With traveling you can’t be the first to do anything anymore, so you might as well be the last.

Post-Nepal it’s India where all I have written down is that I want to be an extra in a Bollywood musical, I want to go surfing in Goa and I want to ride trains to rural backwaters and throw paint in amongst tea fields. We’ll see.

There is no proper end destination as such, although considering the poetry I’d quite like to take a cheap flight to Egypt and capture Spinks at the Sphinx. That is if he’s made it that far.

Back to Stoney for Christmas. Nae bother.

I thought I’d write this down so when we actually get going the inevitable contrast between my intentions and the painful reality could be quite funny. Just under two months to go! Let the countdown begin…


One thought on “The Trip

  1. Why do I forsee the yellow tickertape on Sky News saying something along the lines of “British trio cause diplomatic row with Chinese/Tibetian governments”?

    Whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll involve copious amounts of beer and some pretty outrageous tomfoolery!

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