Kids Say The Funniest Things!

Teaching my kids the word ‘tell’ I asked the class if anyone could tell me a secret.  Cherry, a boisterous nine-year old stood up and yelled “A boy in my class is disabled.  He is very, very ugly.”  Lost for words I merely gawped and quickly moved on to the next bit of vocab.  After class I was heading for the office when another kid from a different class pointed at me and yelled “black man!”  Either racist or blind, or both, the kid continued to chant this while I tried to vain to shut him up.  Political correctness doesn’t work here.  For one, they don’t do politics.  For two, they have a top selling brand of toothpaste called Darlie, which translates as Black Man toothpaste.

The logo as you can see, consists of a smiling black man in a top hat.  Unbelievable.  It’ll be a while before anyone here gets in trouble for calling a woman ‘dear.’  (Referring of course to David ‘Pistachio’ Cameron and his horrendously sexist and demeaning slur).


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