Long In The Tooth

Obviously things were going too smoothly.  I had a little fall last night.  By little I mean I chipped four teeth, two of them severely.  So a trip to the dentist was in order and deciding I should go to a reputable one, I was rewarded with a reputable dentist’s fee: 12000 RMB.  If my insurance doesn’t cover this I could be in a spot of trouble.  I now have some temporary crowns in and await the permanent fixtures shortly.  My dentist was a lovely woman called Lucy.  Her assistant wasn’t so lovely.  She seemed obsessed with shoving various implements as far down my throat as possible, like she was testing my gag reflex.  I knew it was bad when I first smiled at Lucy.  “Ooh, that was an expensive fall,” she quipped.  I didn’t smile again.  Two injections were needed to numb my mouth, the first proving ineffective as I writhed in agony under her drill.  I had to admit to Lucy that I hadn’t been to the dentist for a number of years, and after this experience I can’t say I’ll rushing back.  I won’t be rushing to drink too much soju and fall down  stairs with my hands in my pockets again either.  A truly rubbish day.


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