Narrow Gate

A new bar has opened just near our apartment, which wouldn’t be such a big deal anywhere else in the world (apart from maybe Saudi Arabia) but as our neck of the woods is not filled with foreigners, bars are as common as Gaddaffi sympathizers.  (Ooh, topical).  The bar is called The Narrow Gate, they serve beers for 10 RMB (a quid) and jugs of whisky and coke for 50 RMB (you do the maths).  Good music is played there and on one wall is a huge hand-painted mural of the Last Supper.  Those of a Christian disposition might take offense at getting plastered under the watchful eyes of JC, but I’m pretty sure I can see wine on His table and he looks pretty cool with it.  (Admittedly, the artist may have added this, in which case it was a pretty lame Last Supper if it was just bread and water).  The best thing about the Narrow Gate are the two Italian barmaids – Boobie and Nose.  These aren’t their real names of course, but our affectionate nicknames for them (behind their backs when we’re sniggering about them like naughty school boys).  They are both beautiful and seem to have taken a shine to us, especially Australian Ben.  We now go frequently just to set up Ben with Boobie, both of whom are very coy until those whisky pitchers add up.  There isn’t much point to this entry to be honest, I just thought I’d exclaim my joy that a decent bar is finally within walking distance of my pad.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to bemoan the price of going out in downtown Shanghai (as expensive as London at least) and the number of “cool” bars and clubs that are about as fun as hanging out in abattoirs.  People who preen at a specific spot in a club, gazing solemnly over the dancing hoards like they’re JC in that Last Supper picture need to get a bloody life.  In fact I’m off clubbing in Shanghai completely.  I can’t be bothered with the desperate, cloying posturing of the cool-brigade and I can’t be arsed with terrible remixed dance music that sounds like a giant having a cardiac arrest.

In other news, I’m at the provisional stage of planning my trip back west in august.  It looks like I will be joined by a couple of hardy souls from Scotland, and it looks like we’ll be bumbling through western china, tibet, nepal and india.  Now originally I wanted to continue through the middle-east but as they seem to rather selfishly be protesting for more political freedoms and killing each other, I have been forced to re-think.  Now I’m considering a sudden jut north from india to Kazakhstan (by plane unfortunately) and then heading west through there and into the Ukraine before making the final dip into Europe.  Better start saving…



3 thoughts on “Narrow Gate

    • Don’t apologise! Impressive knowledge indeed, and as I’m completely uninformed on all things biblical, I appreciate the update. Did they just have bread though? Really?

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