Pedal to the Metal

I know I said I wasn’t going to regale stories from last week, but there was one moment definitely worth sharing. I’d taken Pistach and Gregor out for a cycle so they could see some of ‘real’ Shanghai – read abject poverty and markets. After about half an hour of bumbling about my pedal fell off in the middle of the road. This was the third time it’s happened to me. I’ve had the pedal replaced, the screws tightened and even a bloke armed with a hammer had a go, but nothing it seems, will keep my pedal on. Anyway, dejected that the excursion had come to such a premature end I started to plot a way back home. Gregor had other ideas. Referring proudly to his engineering expertise, he took the bungee cord wrapped around the back of my bike and tied my shoe to the one remaining pedal. Therefore I could pull as well as push with the one foot while my pedal-less foot could dangle redundantly on the other side. Things started smoothly, I could actually build up some speed pedalling with the one leg, the cord tight enough that my foot had enough purchase to do the job of two feet. Things ended badly however, when Pistach stopped abruptly, exclaiming that he wanted to eat (again) some street food. Offering to help him I halted too and made to get off my bike. Forgetting I was now permanently attached to my bike by my right leg I tried to disembark with my right leg, succeeding in toppling over helplessly with my bike on top of me. Like a prone turtle on it’s back there was no way up as I only had one leg for leverage and it was under my bike. Pistach couldn’t help because he was laughing too hard. So were all the locals. In the end I was hauled up and an old guy with some tools came along and fixed my pedal for free. Pistach didn’t buy any street food.

Quick note – I went to Burger King yesterday and the bloke who served me was wearing a gold paper crown and a red king’s robe. He was deadly serious.

Quick, quick note – The Black Swan is absolutely incredible, and not just for THAT scene with Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman (although it helps).


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