Free Dinner

Just had a rather strange meal. The mother of one of my students took me and my teaching assistant out for dinner after we finished school. The kind woman didn’t speak a word of English and rather embarrassingly I don’t know much Chinese. There followed an entire dinner where my assistant and the mother chatted endlessly in their mother tongue while I was left with the 6 year old student at the end of the table. He’s a cool guy for sure. But he’s six. And Chinese. So while the rest of the table enjoyed adult conversation over some Mongolian barbeque I was left sipping my beer asking young Albert what his favourite colour was. Even Albert was bored. The worst thing was I could tell the mother was talking about me but no translation was forthcoming from my assistant. So I’d go back to colours with the six year old. The women didn’t shut up for ages, so as usual the two blokes who had ran out of things to say and usually at this point go and either play pool, watch some sport or get drunk, had to settle for comparing hand sizes. Good food though, I tell you what, if Albert keeps scoffing back the lamb at that rate he won’t be little for much longer. Greedy little bugger.


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