Erm, so I couldn’t get on the blog and then tried going through a proxy site which worked straight away. This means that quite likely I have been censored! Or my internet is acting up.
On a lighter note I got the taxi back from a sports bar downtown on Saturday night (watched England play quite well against the kiwis, god I hate Richie ‘The Cheat’ McCaw) and the driver misheard my location. Whizzing me to some unrelated junction this side of nowhere, he was then re-told where to go and after much ring-road negotiating managed to get me to the apartment. The meter had of course lapped this little detour up and now read 91 RMB, to which I was pretty despondent about. Reading my mood the cabbie took my 100 note and proceeded to give me change for 70 RMB before following this up with a “my bad” shrug of his generous shoulders. I was gobsmacked. So listen here, Chinese web police, if you are watching my every word, please track this good Samaritan down and award him the Red Star of China (or whatever you guys give out for this kind of stuff) for services to humanity and especially disillusioned foreign taxi patrons the world over. He is an all round good egg.
I bought myself a bike (which is blue and looks quite cool, although it only cost me £40 and the pedal keeps falling off), and am slowly learning the laws of the Shanghai road. The key here is that there are no laws. In fact I’ve discovered if I try and adhere to my sense of road etiquette as a Brit, I will be immediately crushed under the many wheels of an articulated truck carrying asbestos and lead. Therefore I am now the cycling equivalent of a leaf in the wind. Lanes are ignored, traffic lights are just pretty lights and every toot of a car horn is just a Chinese driver yelling “I don’t know what I’m shouting about!” They are abysmal drivers; pushy, rude, inconsiderate and totally unaware of their surroundings. I’m pretty sure there’s no official driving test in which they have to pass before getting behind the wheel. It’s got to the point now that if some sort of test was introduced, everyone would fail and those that did pass would be crushed under the many wheels of an articulated truck carrying asbestos and lead.


One thought on “Censored!

  1. I liked your observations on Shanghai cyclists and drivers.
    They sound just like those in little old Sidmouth UK, but the latter are all geriatrics

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