Composition No.1

One of my classes was given the topic “If I had a pet” for their compositions. This is what one of the wee boys wrote –

If I Have A Pet.

If I have a pet robot, I with it go to the shoot an arrow scene to match shoot an arrow. First, I am the best, robot is worst. I am happy and robot is sad. Robot is crying. I am proud of oneself. But second, I am fail. Robot is win. I am crying. I am proud. I am dejected.

Phenomenal. Firstly, I have no idea where he got the term ‘oneself’ from, unless he goes to a Merchant Ivory English school on the side, and secondly I was blown away by the complex flurry of emotions he was experiencing after being thrashed by the weeping robot. Crying and dejected for he has lost to a machine but ultimately proud of his pet’s achievements. What a legend!


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