shanghai there!

OK, the great firewall of china has blocked facebook amongst other things so keeping in touch with everybody and creeping on photos has become a darn sight harder!  So I’ve managed to start a blog, which might not last long as they’re clamping down on blogs as well – too many opinionated sorts out by the Himalayas see (I dare not say the T word as digital Mao might be watching) but I will continue with this while I can.  The more important bit is that you can leave comments on this page so I can hear what you’re all up to, and if any of you fancy a wee trip out here (recommended for 1.cultural mind melt and 2. Thirty pence beers) please state your intentions so I can excited!  I’m just getting started on a teaching job out here and have the contract for 12 mopnths.  The money is pretty good and the accommodation is free.  I however, am in constant battle with the city of shanghai, trying to eat something decent, buy something simple like a pen or navigate my way to a bar are all things that most foreigners out here manage with casual aplomb.  This is me though.  Versus 19 million apathetic locals.  So please keep in contact as I’ll need all the support I can get!


3 thoughts on “shanghai there!

  1. Aaaaalex! Dave and Sal here. Lyttelton is not surviving without you. Someone torched the Volcano, Monster has gone bust, someone ran a massive magnet along all the videos in Video Cheesy and Rach and Rose have gone to jail for arson. Hannah’s gambling debts finally caught up with her, and Marlon joined the Navy. It’s all gone tits up mate.

    We’re looking at visas for Somalia – Dave is making our packed lunch already.

    Love you.

  2. Hi Mr Alex!
    Glad to hear you’ve made it to shangers.
    Wow no facecrack huh? The cultural divide.
    Great to see you have a blog so we can keep tabs on you… Will try to update you on local escapades. The biggest news I have presently is pancakes for breakfast with Deano, pz and Rach. Oh and the All Blacks nailed South Africa last night on the Tri Nations. [Oh bad luck Jase!]. And Deano has a hangover…
    Same same then.
    Good luck on buying your stationary.

  3. HIYA, so no FaceyB, how sad. It means you missed out on my little post on you page. It was pretty exciting. I just mention to you about a wee game that is coming out in november for the wii. Its a remake of a game called Goldeneye 007 or something like that. Anyway, heres a link to get your mouth watering and thumbs itching, hope it works. It put a big nerdy grin on my face when I watched it.
    Hope everything with you is going well.
    Take it easy
    Cam x

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